Accessible Parking Fees Returning April 4th, 2016

Our new gated parking control system that was first implemented in October 2015 is now fully installed and tested. Please recall that during this period we had removed parking fees for those who presented a valid Accessibility Parking Permit. Now that the system is fully implemented, we will be reinstating parking fees for those with Accessible Parking Permits, commencing April 4th, 2016.

After April 4th, 2016, payment of parking fees for accessible parking at Timmins and District Hospital will follow the practices currently in place at North Bay, Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie hospitals. The current rate is $6/day.

While our parking lots now provide more than double the accessible parking spaces required by the City’s by-law, we are currently exploring possibilities to expand the number of accessible parking spots on the hospital property. We hope to be able to move ahead with this expansion in the early spring.

All frequent visitors to the Hospital are reminded that that they can purchase a monthly parking pass from the Pay Station inside the Hospital at a cost of $55.

Please send any inquiries to or by calling (705) 267-2131 ext. 6062.