TADH Supports Patient Experience Advisory Committee & Patient Family Engagement Lead

Timmins, ON – The Timmins and District Hospital (TADH) proudly supported the creation of the Patient Experience Advisory Committee as well as a related Patient Family Engagement Lead
position in 2016. The committee and associated position were formed to bridge the gap between the Hospital and the patients, caregivers and families it serves.

“I feel that the overall care is great at the hospital, however, if there is something I can do to make the experience for patients and families better, I would like to help. My experience as a
patient and with my family, helped me bring a more patient focused perspective“ comments Chantal Yu, a member of the Patient Experience Advisory Committee.

The committee gives patients, caregivers/family members the opportunity to provide their insight of their experiences at TADH. That insight can be broad or specific experiences ranging from
care provided by medical staff, their in-patient stay on a specific unit, quality of meals provided, out-patient services etc.; essentially any aspect of care, services or interactions from the
Hospital. The roles of the members are to work collaboratively with TADH staff to offer their insight to advise on new processes, implementations and communication strategies. While the
committee does review complaints; its focus’ is to take complaints and suggestions and find solutions to them. Those solutions are given to an internal TADH committee, the Patient Safety
and Quality committee to implement their recommendations.

Discussions for the new committee began under the Patient Safety and Quality committee in 2016 and the patient experience advisory committee was created in July. The recruitment
process began for members that met the criteria of being former were patients, caregivers, and family members who had experiences at TADH within the last 3 years. There are currently 3
former patients and 3 TADH staff members that sit on the committee, they meet monthly and bring their recommendations forward.

Chairing the committee is TADH staff member Carla Dolanjski. “The patient experience is an important element of the patients’ overall perception of the quality of care they have received,
said Carla Dolanjski, District Stroke Coordinator and Patient Experience Advisory committee lead, Timmins and District Hospital. “The committee seeks to gain insight into patient
experience and act as a “voice” for patients and families with respect to Hospital functions and environment such as communications, physical layout, accessibility, etc. Individuals that are
interested in the Patient Experience Advisory Committee are encouraged to contact one of the committee members and submit a completed application”.

Also, a member of this committee is the Patient Family Engagement Lead, a position created in 2016. This position was formed to be that personal touch between a patient and the Hospital in
the form of discharge surveys and follow up calls. Surveys are used to gauge what TADH can improve upon to ensure patients have a good experience, to advocate for their return home, and
to make connections with the appropriate community services such as Community Care Access Centre and the PATH Program through the Canadian Red Cross. The discharge follow up calls
are within 48 hours of the patient’s discharge home to aid in their transition and follow up care.

Kathy Dunbabin filled the position of the Patient Family Engagement Lead in August 2016 and feels this role was very much needed. “Every call is important; the calls can range from 5 to 20
minutes in length depending on the patient’s particular needs, said Kathy Dunbabin, Patient Family Engagement Lead, Timmins and District Hospital. “Communication is an asset for proper
recovery and well-being after a procedure or stay at the Hospital. Feedback from the patients and families has been positive, leaving them with the feeling that we care; safety and recovery
are our goals”. On average there are 400 discharges per month and Kathy is doing 250 plus calls per month.

The Timmins and District Hospital (TADH) is a level C, fully accredited community, referral and teaching hospital serving the residents of the City of Timmins and Cochrane District as well as
the adjoining areas of the Temiskaming, Sudbury and Algoma districts. The hospital offers a full range of medical, surgical, critical care, maternity, newborn, pediatric, long-term care and
mental health services as well extensive health education and district services.


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