• Education...focused on patient and staff safety.

  • Laundry Services...taking pride in providing you with quality care and service.

  • Patient Food Services...providing a variety of nutritious foods. 

  • Pharmacy...providing a drug distribution system which is safe, secure, reliable and efficient.

  • Together, we get better. 

  • Information Services...supporting a strong health IT infrastructure. 

  • Respiratory Services...Motivated by Improving the Health of the Community.

  • Oncology Services...Committed to Providing Compassionate, Quality, Patient-Centered Care.

  • Dialysis Services...Committed to Excellence, Quality and Patient safety.

  • Electronic Health Records...Protecting the Privacy of Your Personal Health Information.

  • Laboratory...Passionate About What We Do.

  • Maintenance Services...Happy to See the Impact of their Work.

  • Sleep Laboratory Services...because your best days begin with a good night.


Volunteering at TADH is a great way to give back to your community!  Become a part of our dynamic team of volunteers and participate in one of our many volunteer programs.  For information on our application process and placement options, please visit the Volunteers section of this website.


Send Patient Best Wishes

At TADH, we know how important it is to keep in contact with friends or family during a health crisis. That’s why we offer this email service to our patients.