Our Values

Our values represent our fundamental beliefs and inform our decisions and actions. They guide how we interact with each other, with patients, their families, and with our partners.


We encourage a culture of excellence and continuous improvements in line with our Quality Framework which is based on safety, accessibility, appropriateness, and satisfaction.  


We are accepting of individual needs and choices.  We advocate for our patients, professions, and hospital.


We listen and consider divergent viewpoints.  We strive to meet the needs of our patients, staff and partners. We respect the ethnic, language and cultural diversity of the people we serve.


We ensure that decisions are based upon trust, integrity and transparency.  We are outcome focused.  We look for opportunities to address our shortcomings, improve our productivity, and build upon our successes.


We anticipate the needs of our patients and community.  We are innovative and adaptable in how we do business, and welcome  changes that improve our ability to provide exceptional patient care.


We recognize that for our patients to experience a seamless health care system we must work as a team and develop strong partnerships.

These values reflect a patient and family centered environment to which we aspire.


Provide patients with a means of expressing their opinions, positive or negative, about their health care experience.


Treat patients and their families with respect, including respect for cultural diversity.


Providing high quality, evidence-based care and services.

Engagement & Participation:

Enable patients to be active participants in their health care and in health care decision-making.


Provide patients with access to reliable and current information about their health care options, in order to support informed decision making  and active participation in care