Billing Information

Accommodation & Insurance Claims

Semi-private (two beds/room) and private rooms cannot be guaranteed at the time of admission. Every effort is made to transfer patients upon availability to their preferred accommodation.BIlling Area

Patients occupying a private room could be transferred if there are no other rooms available for patients who need to be isolated because of medical conditions.

There is no extra charge for occupying a ward (three or four beds per room) if the patient has a valid health card (O.H.I.P.).

Upon admission, if a private or a semi-private room is requested, the following information must be presented and completed:

  • insurance policy card (insurer’s name, group number, identification, division, other).
  • ​patient, family member or guardian’s signature on the Request for Accommodation form.

Our Rates


Ontario resident: nil (if active OHIP card)

Out-of-province, Canadian resident:    nil (if active provincial health card)

Non-resident:    $3,000 per day for ward coverage. ($4,950 per day CCU)

Semi-private room:

An additional cost of $235 per day above ward rate.

Private room:

An additional cost of $295 per day above ward rate.

Ambulance services:

Ontario Ministry of Health Ambulance Fee Requirements

Ontario Residents:

Why do I pay for ambulance services?

Ontario residents having a valid Ontario health card and receiving ambulance transportation deemed medically necessary are required, under Ontario legislation, to pay the billing institution (TADH) an ambulance co-payment of $45.00 unless falling into one of the Special Exemption categories listed below:

  • the person receives benefits under the Ontario Works Act, the Ontario Disability Support Program Act or the Family Benefits Act
  • ​the person receives provincial social assistance (general welfare assistance or family benefits)

(Proof of either of the above exemptions must be provided to TADH – Finance Office located to the right of the Main Promenade.)

Other exemptions include the following:

  • the person is being transferred from one health facility to another for insured, medically necessary treatment (valid health card required O.H.I.P.)
  • ​the person is enrolled in the Ministry’s Home Care Program
  • ​the person is living in one of the following facilities licensed or approved by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care:
    • nursing home
    • home for the aged
    • rest home
    • home for special care
    • home or residence for psychiatric patients

When an Ontario resident with a valid health card is transported within Ontario by ambulance, and the receiving hospital physician or designate deems the use of an ambulance medically unnecessary, the ambulance transportation is not insured under the Ontario Health Insurance Act and the patient must pay the billing institution (TADH) $240. When an Ontario resident without a valid health card is transported within Ontario by ambulance, the patient must pay the billing institution (TADH) $240.  Only upon providing proof of a valid Ontario health card will the bill be reduced to the ambulance co-payment of $45.

Non-Ontario residents

What if I am a visitor to Ontario from another province, or from another country?

You are responsible for an ambulance service charge of $240 for each ambulance service rendered.

Note: If you require any further information please visit the Ontario Ministry of Health website and search for ambulance.

Procedures and miscellaneous supplies and equipment not covered by OHIP:

The following is a sample of certain supplies and procedures that are not covered by OHIP:


  • fiberglass casts
  • splints
  • boots
  • crutches
  • ​walkers


  • reversal of vasectomy or tubal ligation
  • cortisone injections
  • ​circumcision