Strategic Dimensions

As we transition from the current environment towards our desired future we will be guided by the following strategic dimentions:

  • Optimize care within our northern communities
  • Maximize the potential of our people
  • Achieve financial sustainability
  • Harness and advance technological enablers

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals were formed from each strategic dimension.

Strategic Dimensions

Strategic Goals

Optimize Care Within Our Northern Communities 

  • Integration (internally as well as with external partners)
  • Advance the use of evidence based practices and education
  • Enhance our culture of leadership for facilitating continuous quality improvement and change management
  • Increase patient and community engagement

Maximize the Potential of our People

  • Transforming our work environment
  • Investing in our people
  • Integration/collaboration with our health care partners

Achieve Financial Sustainability 

  • Bending the cost curve
  • Strengthen long-term budgeting process
  • Getting ahead of budget reforms

Harness and Advance Technological Enablers

  • Expansion and adoption of electronic chart
  • Improve IS/IT support services
  • Expand the use of new technological solutions within our facility

Strategic Plan

Learn more about our 2016-2021 strategy.