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What is a Patient Advocate? 

A patient advocate is a trained professional who is there to help patients and their families receive the best health care possible. They ensure their patients understand their rights within the health care system and can help with a variety of services depending on their individual needs. 

Target Population

Patient advocacy services are provided to indigenous patients/clients within the Mushkegowuk region, including on/off First Nation reserve members.

Your Patient Rights

As a patient you have rights when it comes to your health in the health care systems. 

  • Receive safe and proper care, including services that are accessible and treatments that are provided in a timely manner.
  • Give or refuse consent for any procedure, and for any reason. Also, to withdraw consent.
  • Have a medical professional clearly explain health problems and treatments to you, so you can make fully informed health care choices. This also includes who specifically willbe involved in your care and their qualifications.
  • Participate in health care decisions.
  • Ask questions and express concerns.
  • Request a second opinion; within reason.
  • Be assured that personal information is confidential and kept safe.
  • Request to access your health information records and make corrections if necessary.
  • Request the transfer of your health records to another medical professional; you may be charged a fee.
  • Make complaints, raise concerns, and recommend changes without fear of being interfered, discriminated or belittled.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact: 

Sara-Jane Hunter RN, BScN
Patient Advocate
11 Elm Street N
Timmins, ON
P4N 6A3
Office: (705) 268-3594 ext. 437
Work Cell: (705) 406-5006


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