CEO Corner

January 2019

Working Together

As you know we experienced significant system issues at TADH beginning on January 16th as Health Sciences North was affected by a malware virus. Since HSN hosts the NEON partners, all 24 connected hospitals systems, including TADH were impacted. HSN isolated itself which meant that TADH had to be “offline” causing major delays and disruption. All services were impacted but some departments were impacted more heavily including D.I., Fracture clinic, Oncology, Lab, and Pharmacy with many units reverting back to manual and paper-type processes. Payroll was also impacted and all employees were paid by a physical cheque. To say this slowed down and disrupted services is an understatement!

Throughout this major disruption I saw such teamwork and perseverance by staff and management teams who did exceptionally well under pressure. Experiencing difficulties such as this exemplify our collaborative team working abilities to provide the best care we can to patients. We have received personal stories and feedback from patients and support persons who said the care received throughout the service interruptions was still top-notch. I feel we truly embody our vision of providing exemplary care to Northerners!

The landscape is changing and the need to prepare for these types of attacks is more important than ever. This experience highlighted vulnerabilities and the need to be vigilant in applying software updates and keeping virus libraries as current as possible.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our patients and care provided. 


Blaise MacNeil
President & CEO


Vision: Exemplary Care to Northerners

Mission: Working together with our partners to improve the health of Northerners.

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