SeamlessMD - Patient Support and Education


The Timmins and District Hospital (TADH) has collaborated with SeamlessMD to provide surgical patients with a free digital education tool that is accessible on mobile devices. This tool will help guide patients throughout their healthcare journey with education, and reminders to support recovery and to help keep patients on track.

What is SeamlessMD?

SeamlessMD is a free, interactive, step-by-step, digital patient education tool that can easily be accessed through a mobile app on a smartphone, tablet, and/or online through a website on a computer.

The SeamlessMD education tool has been customized by TADH to provide our surgical patients with the information needed to prepare for and to recover from surgery.

What are the benefits of SeamlessMD?

SeamlessMD is a nurse-led program, which provides additional supports to patients.

Patients receive personalized, automated feedback on how to self-manage concerns based on their input. Nurses also have access to alerts and dashboards to monitor patients remotely and address patient concerns earlier, leading to better patient experiences and health outcomes. Patients are encouraged to reach out to the TADH Seamless team at any time for additional support

Who can access SeamlessMD?

SeamlessMD is available to any patient undergoing the following surgical procedures:

  • Hip Replacements
  • Knee Replacements
  • Thyroid Surgery
  • Transurethral Prostate Resection Surgery
  • Kidney Stone Surgery
  • Hysterectomies
  • C-Sections
  • Colorectal Surgeries
  • Breast Surgeries
  • Hernia Surgeries
  • Shoulder Surgeries

SeamlessMD is available for many surgical procedures offered at TADH, with plans to continue to expand services

This service allows up to two people to sign up, which can include the patient or a support person/caregiver. In the event that a support person signs up without the patient only one account is permitted.

The support person/caregiver, who can receive the same notifications and provide additional support to the patient.

How does SeamlessMD work?

SeamlessMD has been customized by TADH to improve the quality of care for patients and their families before and after surgery. As mentioned, patients and/or caregivers can easily access the tool from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. They are guided before and after surgery with reminders and education to help them follow the recovery plan prescribed by their surgeon.

SeamlessMD will guide patients through two stages of the procedure; broken down into pre-operative phase (before surgery) and post-operative phase (after surgery).

Pre-Operative Phase

  • Messages to help patients prepare for their procedure
  • Reminders and a To Do list to help patients prepare for their procedure
  • Access to a self-care library with information on different topics

Post-Operative Phase

  • Messages about what to expect with the recovery period
  • To Do list to help patients heal well at home
  • Daily health checks to make sure patients are recovering well at home and to provide feedback on recovery
  • A library of useful resources to answer patients’ questions and help manage recovery at home

*Note: SeamlessMD is not monitored 24/7 by the healthcare team. If patients have a serious concern, they should contact their healthcare team/surgeon’s office.

How do patients sign up for SeamlessMD?

Connecting with our TADH Team

A member of the TADH Seamless healthcare team member will contact patients to ask if they’d like to sign up for SeamlessMD. You will need an email address to start this process. If patients do not have an email address or are not comfortable using technology, they can provide the email address of a caregiver instead. The caregiver can access the program for the patient and help them use it.

Request to sign up by Phone

*Patients can also call 705 267-2131 ext. 4880 to enroll in the program.

Getting Started – After Registering

  • Patients will get a welcome email from They click on the link in the email to activate their account and choose a password.

To continue accessing the program:

  • Mobile phone: download the SeamlessMD app from the Google Play or Apple App Store
  • Username is the email address provided to the healthcare team
  • Tablet loan program available

Program successes since 2021 launch:

2021 Program launch:

  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Knee replacement surgery

2022 Program launch:

  • Thyroid surgery
  • Transurethral Prostate Resection surgery
  • Kidney Stone surgery
  • Hysterectomy Surgery
  • C-Section Surgery

2023 Program launch:

  • Colorectal surgery
  • Breast surgery
  • Hernia Surgery
  • Shoulder surgery

Program successes since 2021 launch:

874 Patients have participated in the program.

Self reported data indicates that:

  • 94.4% of patients would recommend SeamlessMD
  • 40% of patients reported that SeamlessMD prevented 1 or more calls to the hospital
  • 18.29% of patients reported that SeamlessMD prevented 1 or more visits to the hospital
  • 91.79% of patients reported that SeamlessMD helped them feel more confident before surgery
  • 100% of patients reported that SeamlessMD helped them feel more confident during their hospital stay
  • 87.47% of patients reported that SeamlessMD helped them feel more confident at home after surgery

Patients are asked: What do you like the most about this online program?

What we’ve heard:

  • They motivate me
  • It helps to remind you what you need to do daily.
  • info was helpful; reminders were good to have
  • I like the reminders……even though you know you have to do the exercises, the reminders helps to keep you focused
  • The weekly recap at the end of each entry
  • The program provides helpful guidance on who to call if required after surgery.
  • It made me feel as if someone was checking in in me.
  • That it is accessible whenever I need it. I was also impressed how someone responded when they seen there could be an issue. Thank you!
  • Not feeling alone. And the calls once they saw my answer to the daily question. There was someone actually following you.
  • Information about before and after the surgery is always good to have. My questions were answered.
  • It is a great reference tool.
  • Easy access to information about self assessment and what to do before surgery

And really, so much more, this is only the tip of the iceberg in patient satisfaction responses.