Visitors & COVID-19

To ensure the safety of our patients, staff and physicians and in compliance with the Ministry of Health, visitation at the Timmins and District Hospital (TADH) is operating with additional precautions in place. Effective January 12th, 2021 only Designated Care Partners are permitted visitation within the hospital. By entering our hospital as a Designated Care Partner you are agreeing to follow the guidelines listed and serve as a partner for safest possible hospital experience. 

Please see the visitor guidance documents below for more information:

Designated Care Partner - Visitor Information Sheet
What do I need to know - Visitor Information Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions - Visitor Information Sheet

What is a Designated Care Partner (DCP)?
DCPs are more than visitors, they are crucial members of the care team, providing essential physical, emotional, social and spiritual support. These individuals are defined as a family member and/or person of significance in the life of the patient. All DCPs are identified by either the patient or Substitute Decision Maker (SDM). 

Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging and Fracture Clinic

  • One Designated Care Partner will be permitted in the following circumstances:
  • Patients with communication, physical or cognitive impairments;
  • Patients experiencing mental health crisis;
  • Patients >75 and older;
  • Patients requiring a care partner to be involved with significant care decisions, disclosure of potentially traumatic test results/prognosis; and/or
  • Patients under 18 years of age.

Inpatient (Patients Requiring an Overnight Hospital Stay)
Two Designated Care Partners will be selected by the patient and/or SDM. Only one DCP will be permitted to visit the patient per day. Maximum length of visit is one hour per designated care partner per day. Visiting is permitted only between the hours of 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM. 

Patients Giving Birth
One Designated Care Partner will be permitted. Exceptions may be made to allow both intended parents in the case of a surrogate birth. 

Two Designated Care Partners

Patients at End of Life
Two Designated Care Partners are permitted and where there is opportunity for physical distancing both may visit at the same time. 
At no time are more than two visitors allowed at the bedside at the same time. Additional visitors may be considered, weighing the health and safety of all. Additional visits must be approved and scheduled in advance by contacting the manager of the unit. 

COVID-19 Probable or Positive Patients
For safety reasons, no in-person visitation is permitted. 
The unit will attempt to accommodate virtual visitation in addition to the use of the phone located in patient rooms. Exceptions for end of life and exceptional circumstances will be considered. 

Contact the Timmins and District Hospital General Inquiries Line at 705-267-2131 or

We understand the burden that this places on patients and their families and appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to provide quality patient care during these unprecedented times.