Pastoral Care Services

Program Overview: 


Available 24/7


The purpose of pastoral care is to promote wholeness of body, mind and spirit for all Timmins and District Hospital patients, families and staff.  This service offers a multifaith approach, respecting all belief systems.

Pastoral Care Services at TADH is an active department with clergy and lay spiritual care providers who are passionate about holistic health and the spiritual well-being of our patients and staff.

The pastoral care team provides spirituality based programs and special celebration services throughout the year.

What is Pastoral Care?
Pastoral care provides the delivery of both spiritual and religious care. It is offered to individuals seeking guidance when faced with challenging circumstances.



What services are offered by Pastoral Care at TADH?

Clergy on-call services 24/7:
A team of clergy men and women who provide spiritual care with a multi-faith approach.

Roman Catholic clergy on-call 24/7:
A priest is always on-call to give the sacraments. A priest or deacon is also available to provide spiritual care as requested.

Eucharistic ministry:
Communion if offered daily to Roman Catholics patients on most units at TADH. It is available upon request for patients who are affiliated with other religions.

Community clergy:
Local religious leaders can provide spiritual guidance and accompaniment to members of their congregation while admitted in the hospital.

Pastoral care coordinator:
Ordained minister responsible for overseeing the delivery of spiritual and religious care at TADH. (can be reached at ext. 6351)

Pastoral care visitors:
Pastoral visitors are formally endorsed by their place of worship to visit patients in hospital. They can provide friendly visiting and religious/spiritual support.

When to call Pastoral Care:                  
-At times of serious or terminal conditions.
-When patients or visitors are dealing with distress due to emotions or anxiety.
-If religious presence, pastoral care or sacraments are requested.

You can rest assured that the Pastoral Care Team fully understands the implications of CONFIDENTIALITY! What you choose to share with the Pastoral Care Team will remain confidential.

Contact Us: 

Pastoral Care Services
Tuesday to Thursday
8:30am to 3pm
Call 705-267-6351 or

After hours and holidays:
For urgent pastoral care
Please ask your nurse or call switchboard at ext. 0.