Maternal Child

Program Overview: 

Maternity Unit photoThis program includes a 10 bed Maternity Unit and a 5 bed modified Level 2 Nursery. Outpatient services include triage 24 hours per day, scheduled procedures and an Obstetrical Pre-admission Clinic. Physicians and nurses have participated in the Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently (More OB Program), a comprehensive patient safety quality improvement and professional development program for care givers and administrators in the obstetrical unit. Timmins & District Hospital offers the Mother-Baby Dyad model of care, in which healthy moms and babies remain together for the duration of the hospital stay. One support person is encouraged to remain in hospital during this time.

Pre-admission Clinic

Women who plan to give birth at the Timmins and District Hospital or at home, under the care of a midwife, are strongly encouraged to visit our Obstetrical Pre-admission Clinic. After the 28th week of pregnancy, during a prenatal appointment, women are provided with an envelope containing a questionnaire to be completed. We want to learn about each woman’s medical and prenatal history as well as any special circumstances or needs. Information regarding scheduling a visit to the clinic is attached for the patient’s convenience, so that an appointment can be arranged before baby’s due date.

This pre-admission process is designed to streamline the admission process.

The completed questionnaire will be reviewed by the nurse and additional details may be collected. This will also be an opportunity for women to receive information and answers to any questions she or her support person may have.

RhogamTM injections as ordered by the physician or midwife may be administered during the Pre-admission Clinic visit.

To book an appointment for the Pre-admission Clinic, please call (705) 267-2131 ext. 6362, between the hours of 9am to 4pm.

Labour & Delivery

Our team of Obstetrical care providers includes physicians and midwives. The hospital has four private labour and delivery rooms and one traditional delivery suite. Up to 2 support persons are permitted to accompany mothers during labour and birth. Early bonding and feeding are encouraged while mother and newborn baby are monitored.

Caesarian Sections are performed in the Operating Room. The immediate recovery care will be provided in the Post Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU).

After the delivery, the health care team will support the mother by offering maximum opportunity to learn about self and baby care, and to begin to become comfortable in the new role as a parent. The typical length of stay after a vaginal birth is 24 to 48hrs and following a Cesarean Section birth 48 to 60hrs.

Community Resources: 

Prenatal Classes and hospital tours are provided by the Porcupine Health Unit.


Maternal Child Program
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