Surgical Safety Checklist

Building on the government's patient safety indicator initiative, TADH is reporting on its surgical safety checklist compliance.

The surgical safety checklist covers the most common tasks and items that operating room teams carry out, and has been shown to reduce rates of death and complications among patients. It is a one-page list of items that surgical teams must discuss at three key times:

  • Before the patient is given anesthesia with all team members present.
  • Before skin incision.
  • While all team members are present before closing the patient.

TADH has been performing surgical safety checklists since 2005, but has been using the formal list being mandated by the province since June 2009. By implementing the new surgical safety checklist, TADH will improve overall patient safety, teamwork and communication, and elevate surgical teams to an even higher standard of performance.

The dedicated health professionals who work at TADH are committed to providing the best possible care to patients, and they believe that a public reporting regime will inspire improved performance, enhance patient safety and strengthen the public's confidence.

Surgical Safety Checklists Public Reporting

Ongoing monitoring and support of the surgical safety checklist process is essential to ensuring proper adherence. All Ontario hospitals that perform surgeries are required to report on their use of the surgical safety checklist to the Ontario government, and to the public.

Surgical safety checklist rates at TADH for July 2016: 100%